Satori Process

“The Satori Process is a specially designed structure to build an intensity that can take you beyond your mind to have a direct experience of your essence.” -Paul Lowe

The name Satori is Japanese and means a “direct experience of truth”. It is based around some very fundamental life questions, the most basic and enduring one for all of us being: “Who am I”? A Satori is a moment of profound realisation, a knowing of life as it is. And it is an experience of tremendous self-empowerment. The process involves working in pairs with each member of the group, answering questions such as: “Who am I?” and “What is life?”- very much as one would focus on a Zen koan or question.

Satori Process facilitated by Rafael Ebner

“While the focus of the Satori process is to allow a peak experience, it also provides a microcosmic look at basic life patterns and attitudes. This can be illuminating and deeply clarifying, and the insights can be applied in everyday life to significantly alter your self-awareness.”

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Satori Process facilitated by Kira Kay

“Satori is your uncovering of you, a direct and real illumination that cannot be described, only experienced. Six days of exploring who You really are – discovering the true gift of you. Ordinary and life-changing all in one.”

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